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Over the years, we’ve been blessed to meet so many lovely clients who value our works and appreciate the extra effort we put into the final products. Below are some of our client’s feedback in our services and their experiences when working with us :).

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Liyana Amir - Devin Kho was a pleasure to work with. Being a highly-demanding couple, Devin went that extra mile to meet us up to talk about our specific requirements hence took all of our points with great consideration thus had captured the essence of our day just as we wanted him to do. Being a one-man show, we were quite skeptical of his abilities to capture all of our moments single-handedly but he managed to be everywhere at once! Devin was also prompt at delivering the finished product (this is quite rare of photogs and videographers in Brunei according to my experiences!). In addition to all above, Devin continues to keep in touch with all his clientele – a pleasant personal trait that makes it even easier to refer him to others.

We cannot recommend him highly enough and would not be hesitating to use Devin for future events. Devin Kho had undoubtedly exceeded our expectations.

Jeff and Joyce - We had a great experience working with Devin for our photo shoot. My wife usually turns out pretty well in pictures but I usually have a hard time looking natural on camera. With Devin, this was not a problem at all. On top of this, we did some shopping around, and the prices were VERY reasonable.

Our pictures turned out really well, and we are always getting compliments from our friends and family who sees them. We always smile whenever we look back on the picture. Devin really captured all the candid moments perfectly.

We had so much fun! If you get the chance the work with Devin, I highly recommend that you book him.

Rizah & Hamzah - Our first professional photoshoot ever was taken by Devin during The Most Photogenic Couple Contest. We were pretty nervous & had no idea how to pose in front of a camera but Devin immediately put us at ease. Following our Nikah day, we cannot thank him enough for all the beautiful photos Devin had taken. It was easy & comfortable working with him. He made us feel very special & made the shoot a really enjoyable experience for the camera shy. The end results were fantastic. Thanks Devin for capturing such a special & memorable moment in our lives. We would happily recommend him to anyone & we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Extremely grateful!


Amy - An entire year dedicated to living this one day. No matter how we will ourselves to remember every single detail of our wedding day, these memories would eventually fade with time. I want mine to never fade. I want to stop time. The one person who made time stop for me is Devin, my photographer.

Devin’s strengths are that he is switched on and open to ideas. In being genuinely keen on learning, he has displayed what I recognize as his winning trait: he listens.

All photographers are talented, unique and produce great photos. But I don’t want just any great photos. I want them captured beyond talent, beyond practise and beyond instinct. I want moments that are mine. Moments I’ve envisioned only over a hundred million times. Moments which no one could possibly discover behind the viewfinder unless one truly listened. Moments I could only dream of until I set my eyes on them for the very first time.

Found by Devin.

Behind his viewfinder.

At that moment, until this very day, it made me feel that all the sweat, tears and one year’s dedication was all worth it.

Azlina & Didi - People always say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and Devin truly delivers this. Not only that our pictures turned out more than what we bargained for, the love that we share shines through each photo. When my husband and I went through our wedding album, we could not help but notice how the moments are captured perfectly. Its as if we can’t believe someone can see us the way we are, someone that shares a secret for everyone to see that only he understands – thats Devin for you behind his lens.

Devin is the most professional photographer that we’ve ever met. His patience and the way he sees each couple is the reason why we choose him in the first place.

Najib, Izni and family. - We “stumbled” upon Devin when we were looking for a pro photographer to capture moments of our wedding events. I was looking at and reading blogs of Brunei photographers! Being an a photo enthusiast myself I have highly regard his work as simple, elegant yet of highest quality. His artistry and work had remarkably improve as he strives for perfection. I can say this since it has been 3 years since he last shot my wedding events (I got married in 2009) and the improvements in skills and capturing candid moments between this short period of time is awesome!

In 2011 we had another opportunity of having Devin as our official photographer for our son’s mandi belawat ceremony as we have always enjoyed his company. He is minimal obtrusive style allows him to capture wonderful moments of our child. Yet he always maintain pictures of finest quality.

We hope future couples will have the opportunity of having Devin as their official photographer as we never regret our decision of having him to cover our events. Going through his portfolio is enough to convince others that his clients and friends had enjoyed having him during their most memorable transitional stage into a married life.

Najib, Izni and our wonderful two sons.

Caroline & Daryl - We had Devin shoot for our marriage registration in court and our actual wedding ceremony days itself. We love his creative eye for photography, his individuality and his commitment to us. Even when he fell down trying to capture a shot during one of our wedding ceremonies, he still went on. That is how committed he is. And we were glad that it didn’t injure him so badly that he had to pull out otherwise what a disappointment it would have been for us :) We have never been disappointed at all in the work he produced to us. They were all high quality, sharp and of beautiful color. We would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a photographer for any of their events and we look forward to working with Devin in the future for our baby and family portraits.

Thank you Devin for the treasured memories you have produced to us.

Caroline & Daryl

Dayah & Zul - If you want your wedding pictures to be simple, yet elegant.. Devin is your man!

Just relax, enjoy your day and he will do the work. The results are captured in all these amazing pictures that you get to see years down the line and get reminded of the amazing memories you had on the day.

Thanks Devin and hope to see more of your great pictures :) :)

Geck - I have always wanted a good wedding photojournalist to present the story of my big day through creative and personalised shots. I thank my lucky stars for the twist of fate which allowed Devin to be that person for my wedding. From the first meeting, I found him to be humble, easygoing and approachable. He listened to my ideas and contributed his truthful opinions in order to get the perfect photos.

On the wedding day, my groom arrived late and so we were behind schedule. Devin was supposed to leave after the tea ceremony to prepare the slideshow for our reception. Despite the lateness, he patiently stayed and I was honestly happy to find his big lens peering through the crowd right till the end. He skillfully and single-handedly executed the job he was entrusted to. The photos he took vividly reflected the love, joy and gratitude we felt on that day.

Thank you, Devin.

Marcus & Ivy - Clueless and stress with the wedding preparation, Devin was wonderful in guiding us by giving tips of the do’s and dont’s. The pictures he captured are beautiful and timeless. They capture our precious moments and other wonderful moments we miss.

Thank you Devin.

Edda Ong - I have known Devin for well over a decade, and eventhough I have moved out of Brunei; when deciding on a wedding photographer, it was a no brainer. I sent Devin an email to get some quotes from him and he responded immediately.

Devin started taking photos at around 6 am till past 11 pm and was super patient with us (our wedding party is rowdy and hard to handle!) and did such a great job that many of my friends and cousins got him to take pictures for them too!

He made sure to spend the extra time & effort to get to know the bride/groom; understand what our expectations are and what kinda photos we go for. I liked the candid shots and was blown over by how all the pictures captured our special day. He has an amazing eye for detail and his photos had a great range; with every emotion captured beautifully.

Definitely a top notch photographer based in Brunei!!!

Ming - There are a lot of wedding photographers in Brunei but not many can capture the ‘essence’ of the picture that Devin always has in all his shots. I am glad that he was my wedding photographer and all the pictures turned out meaningful and memorable. Guys, if you want a memorable wedding picture, Devin is the photographer to look for. Cheers! :)

Lulu Fong - Ive always admired devin’s work quite a while ago, so when it was the day to decide my wedding photographer, i knew right away it has to be Devin to capture these special moments. Even before I knew the exact date, I sent him an email to book him for June (I have zero idea who I’ll have to go for if he wasn’t available :,) )

I had no doubts about what he was gonna take or how he’s gonna take, no questions to ask, just ‘devin, take whatever you want I trust your work’.

Your amazing photographs left me speechless. They bring back all the emotions of the day, our laughter, tears and joy. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Thanks Devin, for taking so much time to deal with my emails and whatsapp when I had to do my wedding planning overseas. Many thanks for your time, help, and patience both before and after the wedding and for the day itself. 

We now have a wonderful album full of very happy memories. Thank you so much Devin. Take care, cheers .

Nurul & Lina - It was such a pleasure having Devin as our photographer! The pictures that he took were absolutely gorgeous. He captured all the emotion of our wedding day: from the beauty and solemnity of our ceremony to the joy and laughter of our reception. We love looking at our wedding photographs and reminiscing about our special.

We would recommend Devin to anyone out there looking for a professional, creative finishing touches and who knows how to work with all types of people.

Thank you so very much for the amazing job that you did at our wedding and thank you so much for making our wedding a memorable one!

All the best,
Nurul & Lina

Brenda & Han - Devin, the man who had captured the most vital moment in our life; our ROM & our wedding.

Most of our friends and relatives appraised his skill for the picture that he took for us during our ROM at Brunei High Court as it’s really magnificent.

On our wedding, he was able to delivered the gorgeous outdoor picture which was taken at Muara Beach despite the hotness that we had to bear with.

Thanks for everything.

It’s truly speechless to have your masterpiece.

Elvynna & Brandon - Devin and his team did our wedding last July and we couldn’t have been more pleased. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and Devin was so available and responsive throughout the whole event. Him and his team are very professional, but have a laid back approach that makes working with them feel easy and relaxed. He has the ability to make an ordinary moment look magical! The shots came out so natural looking and not at all posed. We couldn’t be happier with how our pictures came out and will always have them to transport us back to our special day.

Thank you Devin for your impeccable service and the most amazing wedding pictures a person could ever ask for!

Joyce & Alaister - Thanks to Devin for the great shots of our pre-wedding photos. He was professional yet easy going during the shoot, and the results are good. Devin was also kind enough to give us a few free shots and different versions of the selected pictures. Thanks again.

Hilmi & Shazwany - We first went searching on Facebook for wedding photographers and we finally settled on Devin. We first heard of him through one of our friends who had him as their photographer and we liked what we saw. At first, we were worried that our pictures wouldn’t come out like what we saw but he managed to deliver and went beyond our expectations.

He was always helpful and made us feel comfortable so that the best pictures could be taken on our special day. Friendly, kind and willing to accomodate our little requests.

It was enjoyable having him as our photographer and we are really impressed and happy with the final product. We are grateful that we chose him, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Hakeem & Santy - Searching for the perfect wedding photographer can be quite exhausting. But our mind was pretty much made up when we stumbled upon Devin’s work. Everything we were looking for was in his portfolio, and has been (and is still) improving over the years.

We discussed our pre-wedding shot with him earlier, but on the day of the shoot, we were very impressed at how much homework he had done to deliver what we wanted. Before the shoot, we told Devin to just direct us what to do as we are not used to be infront the lens. He sure made it easy, and made us feel comfortable.

When the wedding came, we were wondering how Devin would be able to capture each special moment as he was alone. But Devin sure did deliver… He’s a one-man show. Our wedding photos turned out great, and he managed to capture not only us during the vital moments, but also our family. We love candids, and so did Devin. We got a lot of those.

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos Devin. It made our wedding extra special. Everytime we look through our album, we can still grasp every memory from each vital moment.

Patrick & Yvonne - Devin photo shots for our wedding and tattoos is simply beyond our expectations…Through recommendation from my cousin we came to know Devin and after interacting with him, we just find him an amazing chap,easy going and joyful fellow…Thanks a lot to you and your team commuting between brunei and Miri on our special day….A job well done we must say and keep it up Devin….way to go buddy….

Cindy Lim - Devin has been the photographer for a few of my family occasions; My sister’s wedding and also for my family’s photoshoot. Both with very different scenarios and he never fail to deliver. When time came for me to pick a photographer for my own wedding, I did not hesitate and went straight to Devin. Always prompt and clear in answering questions and most importantly, prompt in delivering the final product. What I love about his work is that his pictures always capture the main highlights of the event without missing out on some. Beautifully captured and filled with emotions. He even went the extra mile to give me some tips and pointers before my wedding to ensure that it went smoothly. My husband and I were really happy with the outcome of the pictures. Looking at the pictures brings us back to our wedding day. Thank you Devin for capturing these special moments.

Cindy Koh - I have been following Devin’s work for a few years now. When it was time to select vendors for our wedding day, I told my husband that our first priority was to secure a good photographer and Devin was the first and only photographer that came to my mind. I had very high expectations, being such a huge fan of his work, and he did not disappoint. From the first email to the delivery of the final album, Devin had been nothing but professional, attentive and prompt. It was very nice working with him and his team. We love the photos they have taken, particularly the photo album Devin had designed for us. It was the perfect summary of our wedding day and something we would cherish for a long time.

Hadi Zulkipli - Nadiah and I are impressed at the level of service that Devin provided. He is courteous, listens to our comments and is punctual, in both his presence and delivery of work. I cannot stress this enough. When I got the draft photos from him, the wedding seemed like it was only yesterday and when we got the complete photobook, the memories of the wedding is still fresh in out minds.

His photos also have that special something that makes it stand out of the crowd of photographers that are on the market.

We were glad that we chose Devin to take photos of us on our special day.

Hadiah 2016

Junie Koay - I wanted to write a few words to say thank you for the wonderful pictures you and Jayden took of our wedding day. Will and I felt so comfortable with you both on the day and our relatives also commented on how professional you were. The photos showcase your talents and capture the beauty of our surroundings as well as the immense happiness we felt on the day. We will always treasure them.

Shasha Bibih - The wedding photos by Devin are AMAZING!! Khairul and I would like to a say a special thanks for such a wonderful job. You were extremely attentive and have captured amazing photos although it was a looong day! Every time something was happening, you were there taking snaps and we really appreciate how well you did everything.

We can’t thank you enough for the incredibly creative, professional and friendly service you have provided on our wedding day. It’s definitely worth it to go with a great photographer as Devin! the day comes and goes, but the photos and memories last forever. Thank you for capturing those beautiful memories

Keri A - Devin has such great service, he’s responsive not just in general communication matters before, during and after the wedding but in listening to any ideas and wishes you may have as well about the type of photos you’d like to have. My husband and I gave great photos that we want to put up and that captured the moments in our wedding. The quality of our printed and finished product was great as well and he’s so prompt with feedback or with the photos and will consistently ensure that you are happy. So glad, I choose Devin as our photographer. He was the easiest part of planning the wedding.

Lin Ji - We absolutely enjoyed working with Devin and needless to say his photos are absolutely stunning! Having taken our pre wedding photos by top photographers in Japan a year ago, we were pretty fussy with who our photographer should be for our actual wedding day. After many rounds of search, we were delighted when we realised Devin’s photos were on par with few of the highest quality photoshoots we’ve seen. Capturing those beautiful candid moments, kudos Devin! And thank you for making Andy and my wedding so memorable. 😀