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It’s been a long time since i shot something personal for the pure joy of photography. Every photographer needs to do personal projects from time to time to keep their fire going and fuel thier creativity. I had the pleasure to work with an amazing team of dancers and a creative stylish from Melbourne for this dance shoot. It was a great experience working with these young & talented dancers. Thank you for coping with my demand and pulled off  with these amazing poses.

Dancers / Relentless Studios.

Stylish / Bibz Dewan.

Makeup+hair / Amy G Makeup/Hair Artistry.

Images presented in black and white to keep it clean and minimal.

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Mademoiselle Zen - The last two shots are so damn cool lah, Devin! Great job.

Carmencita A. Rodriguez - Amazing shots :)

Maggie Tan-Lee - beautiful shots & perfectly capture their skills & facial expression :)

SJ Ojeda - Awesome shots! :) Beautiful pics.